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NDE Stories: Critical Care Nurse Shares Encounters With Patients In Crises

Raul Meza releases his new book about his personal encounters with numerous near-death experiences as a critical care nurse. Raul believes that God is always there for us when we experience different types of crises.

What happens when we die? Is there an afterlife? Does life have meaning? For many of us, the only way we will ever find out is when we eventually pass away – but what if we could hear the stories of people who died but came back? That’s exactly what Raul Meza has done with his new book.

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Scenes from the other side

Raul Meza publishes a new book, “INJECTION OF FAITH: Amazing Real-Life Stories From The Intensive Care Unit – Including Near Death Experiences (NDE)”.

Raul wrote his new book based on his personal experience as a critical care nurse. After witnessing countless near-death experiences, Raul is certain that God exists and is always present, especially when we are experiencing health, emotional, mental, or financial crises.

Trust and believe that your life has meaning

“INJECTION OF FAITH” is meant to be an inspirational book for those who are currently questioning their life purpose. Having worked as a critical care nurse since 1996, Raul recounts specific moments where patients die and then come back to life. On all these occasions, patients talk about the afterlife and how they met God or their loved ones. Most importantly, they speak about the unlimited love God has for all humans.

If you’ve ever felt alone, lost, or confused, this book is meant for you! It is the balm you need for the wounds of your heart: God is always present. He never left. He never will.

For the modern reader

Raul explains that the release of his new book comes at a critical time when the world is going through major global transitions. He says that many people he sees in the ICU are often worried about “what will happen”, not only to them but to their families. He hopes that his new book will bring peace of mind to more individuals, particularly those who are afraid of the state of the world or concerned about who will take care of their families should something happen to them.

The answer is clear here: God will always take care of you.

About near-death experiences

According to a study published in the Missouri Medicine Journal, about 17% of patients who almost died report having a near-death experience. Researchers say that while no two NDEs are the same, they share certain characteristics, including encountering a “mystical” light and feeling many positive emotions before they choose to return to their physical bodies.

Raul writes, “After years of working as a critical care nurse, I have come to a powerful realization: there is life after death and God still shows up today in the middle of our current health, emotional, mental and financial crises. And I’m not just talking about my own beliefs – I have witnessed it firsthand through the experiences of my patients. In this book, I share their stories of hope, humor, and faith, and invite you to join me on a journey to the supernatural ICU.”

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